Construction of new runway, etc.

Comparison of runway location plans

Plan 1-2 and Plan 2 will allow us to secure sufficient departure and arrival slots required for the further capacity enhancement measures for Greater Tokyo Capital Area airports.

Having compared these two plans from the viewpoint of the effect to improve the airport's competitive power (efficiency of operation based on the taxiing distance, etc.), we found out that constructing the 3rd runway based on Plan 2 and extending Runway B northward is the superior plan.

Study to give a concrete plan for the runway and airport site range

With regard to specific location of Runway B and C, Runway B will be extended northward so that the missed approach area of Runway B will not overlap Runway C. Also, we will make adjustments so that the layout plan conforms to the plans for construction of Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway (Ken-ou-do).

It is necessary to expand the airport site by 1,000ha in order to make available the 500,000 annual aircraft movement per year.

Considering the designated city planning area and the residential area in the surrounding area of Airport, the candidate area for an expanded airport site will be as follows;