We listen earnestly and discuss openly for the future of the community and Narita

Current situation and future vision of Narita Airport

Narita Airport and its surrounding circumstances are changing drastically. We need to look into our future through review of present airport capacity utilization and future trend and demand for air transport.

Construction of additional runway, etc.

Necessity of new runway and concrete layout of the airport site range are considered with the surrounding environment in mind.

Relaxation of restrictions on night flights

Various effects are expected from the relaxation of restrictions on night flights that are necessary for Narita Airport to fulfill its expected roles.

Affect to the the local community

The affect of the capacity enhancement of Narita Airport on the local community is shown from the perspective of range and level of noise.

Environmental countermeasures and measures for co-existence

Let us introduce our specific plans for environmental affect countermeasures and measures for coexistence which are essential to protect community's living environment.

Background of discussion and further steps

We believe it is important to have open dialogue with local residents on the background of discussions we have had for the capacity enhancement as well as the plan for further steps.


Technical terms are explained comprehensively with illustrations.

Environmental assessment

The procedure, draft, and final versions of EIS/EIR
(Environment Impact Statement/Environment Impact Report)
were completed based on the environmental impact assessment law.